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Celonis Product Documentation

Logging and tracing
Celonis Process Management

Each Celonis Process Management instance has only one single log file. In the standard cloud, a customer can see the log messages of another customer and possibly also the URLs if errors have been recorded. These log files can only be viewed by users with the application role "Administrator."

  • These log files can be viewed online for 30 days.

  • By default, only errors are logged.

  • The logging level can be temporarily increased for analysis purposes, e.g., for a SAML connection for Active Directory. Sensitive data is also recorded here, e.g., claims from Active Directory, but never passwords.


By default, the IIS web server records the individual requests (IP, URL, user, etc.). The IIS logs are only visible to the operations team and can be evaluated for performance analyses.


Windows records typical log messages for Celonis Process Management as an application that can only be viewed by the operations team.


In Azure SQL, log messages are recorded for each database and remain visible only to the operations team.


With the help of Azure Application Insights, in addition to typical web statistics (browser version, geostatistics, etc.), performance warnings are sent to the operations team by e-mail to initiate ad hoc countermeasures. In very rare cases, these countermeasures can also cause a short downtime.