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Celonis Product Documentation

Configure Process Explorer in views

You can configure the Process Explorer for your view by dragging and dropping the Process Explorer component into your view:


With the Process Explorer component in your view, you can then use the Settings menu to configure it.


You have the following options here:

  • Eventlog: Select the event log from your Knowledge Model that you want the graph to be based on.

  • Graph Control: Choose between controlling your Process Explorer graph with a control panel or with sliders.

  • Default KPI View: Select the default KPI you want your Process Explorer to display.

  • Show KPI switcher: Select to show the KPI switcher that allows you to switch between KPIs, changing the KPI displayed in the Process Explorer.

  • Exclude from user filtering: When filtering the whole view, this component will remain unfiltered.

  • Can't be used to set filters: While a user can interact with this component, their selections can't then be used to filter the whole view.