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Celonis Product Documentation

Installation and Prerequisites
Prerequisites - Kafka

Apache Kafka at least 2.3 version and a Kafka Connect cluster.

What is Kafka Connect?

Kafka Connect is a free, open-source component of Apache Kafka® to continuously import and export data as event streams to integrate Kafka with your existing systems. The Kafka Connect cluster is highly scalable and fault-tolerant to ensure continuous operations.

Read about Kafka Connect

Prerequisites - EMS

The following items are required before you get started:

  • Create the destination data pool

  • Generate the app key

  • Create the destination Vertica table (optional - if not already created, the first message will be used to infer the schema

Steps to follow in EMS

The following steps must be taken to use Celonis Kafka Connector with EMS.

  1. Log in to Admin & Settings

  2. Create an AppKey (in Admin & Settings → Applications)

  3. Create a data pool (in Data → Data Integration)

  4. Allow appkey access to data pool (… next to data pool → Permissions)

  5. Grab the data pool ID (in the browser’s URL bar on going into the data pool)

  6. Create a Vertica table which will be the EMS destination table (table DDL should match Kafka topic schema). If the table already exists, no creation will be attempted.