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Celonis Product Documentation

Math variables

Use math variables to insert a random number in your functions.


Returns a floating-point, pseudo-random number in the range [01) (inclusive of 0, but not 1).

Use the following formula to generate an integer pseudo-random number in the range [minmax] (inclusive of both, min and max):


You may copy and paste the formula's code into a field:

{{floor(random * (1.max - 1.min + 1)) + 1.min}}
Rolling the dice

Let's say chatbot enthusiasts and such would like to create a dice game. They can employ the random variable to randomly pick a number, say between 1 and 6, and then message that number to a user in the respective Chatbot platform as a response.

  1. In the mapping panel, head over to the Math functions tab:

  2. Under the Math functions tab, select the floor function.

  3. Insert the random variable in between the brackets followed by * (multiplication operator) and number 6.

  4. Add + (addition operator) after the bracket and number 1.

  5. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the formula's code into a field:

    {{floor(random * 6) + 1}}
Random String/Text

This template demonstrates how to generate a string (text) of a given length composed of characters chosen randomly from a predefined set.