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Celonis Product Documentation

AR Credit Management App Installation

Please perform the below steps to install the AR App from the Marketplace:

  1. Search for the App on the Marketplace: Enter "AR Credit" as the search text and then click on the “install” button to begin the installation.

    Search App on EMS Store

    Search App on Marketplace

    Install the App on Team

    Install App on Team

  2. Choose Workspace: On the immediate installation of the App from the Marketplace, you need to choose/create a “Space” for the App to be downloaded into. It is recommended to create a new space called ‘AR Collection New’. If you would like to use a pre-existing space that is of course also possible. Kindly “confirm” to move to the next step.

    Workspace Selection

    Workspace Selection

    This will install the AR Credit app once you click on the Confirm button. Afterward, you need to define the Data Model variable and define values for the three ‘Plain Text Value’ variables.