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Celonis Product Documentation

Business Overview

Celonis’ Credit management app from Celonis automates the credit management process, enabling credit managers to make quicker and more accurate decisions. This is essential for healthy organizational growth, and as business accelerates, the pressure to make quick yet accurate credit decisions is imperative.

Some of the key features available in the current AR Credit App are listed below. For details, please refer to this document AR Core App Features.

Steering View: shows key statistics related to credit, such as the status of credit approval tasks, current owners, and credit approvals based on the risk classification. Execution Gap shows areas that require urgent attention and allows users to take action to create a task or send an email.

Inside Sales View: shows a customer list sorted by credit utilization, with the customer having the highest utilization at the top. The customer detail view shows the current credit limit, recommended increase, and graphs showing current receivables, open billing value, delivery value, invoice details, and dunning level. Users can take action to place a request for a new credit check or change in dunning level.

Credit Analyst View: Users will see the list of customers sorted based on the open tasks. The detail view will show the open tasks, credit limit analysis, payment trends, and accounts receivable status. Additional details, such as a log of credit revisions, and credit collection scorecard, are available in different tabs. Users can take action to provide approval or reject the request for a change in credit limit or in dunning level for a customer.

  1. Set up Connection to an SAP system from Celonis

    1. Set up extractor server

    2. Configure Connection

  2. Install the AR Collection Process connector

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Reuse your existing connection

    3. Update the Data Pool Parameters

    4. Execute the data extraction as full load (only required for the first time)

    5. Execute the full transformations (in the order that the connector provides)

  3. Install the Credit Management Execution App


    To successfully install the App ensures that all required features have been enabled in the backend: Features to activate for Execution Apps in Backend OR Appendix 1: Features, Profiles, Blocks and Widgets Required.

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Assign your created data model

    3. Assign your Plain Text Variables (AKA Run Time Variables)

  4. Use this guide to finalize setup

    1. Implement data model adjustments

    2. Validate the variables

    3. Implement customizations in Filters

    4. Implement customizations in Views