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Configuring chart colors


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You can configure the color of your bars, columns, and slices in your charts, helping you to visually display and highlight your data in a range of colors.

When configuring your chart colors, there are three color types available: Blue, gray, and green

Configuring chart colors

Chart colors are currently configured at a component level when in view edit mode.

To configure your chart colors, click the chart component and then select Settings - Coloring:



If you can't see the Coloring section for your chart type, you need to configure your dimensions or metrics. Once these are configured, the coloring settings can then be applied to them.

Depending on your chart type, you can then choose between basic coloring and color mapping:

When selecting your basic chart coloring, this displays all bars and columns in the same color.

Here you can choose between shades of blue, gray, and green.


In this example, all bars in this chart are colored green:


When choosing color mapping for your chart, you can configure a color for each bar, column, or slice that's displayed. This involves mapping colors to chart dimensions and metrics (taken from your knowledge model).

You can configure your color mapping based on categories (for dimensions), gradients (metrics), and thresholds (metrics):

In this example, the chart is configured to show each category (in this case US regions) in a different color:


The chart then displays like this: