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Celonis Product Documentation

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub is the central location within the Celonis Platform for you to store and maintain your team's business knowledge. With process specific knowledge organized into processes that can be accessed throughout the platform, you have one consistent place to add, edit, maintain, and validate the information your business relies on.

In addition to centralizing your business knowledge, Knowledge Hub provides:

  • Access to out-of-the-box accounts payable domain knowledge, giving you an existing set of values to edit and create dashboards with.

  • No-code customization, allowing you to create your own knowledge layers and scalable apps.

  • A knowledge structure that enables you to measure process performance across features and departments acting as a true enable for new technologies like AI and large language models.

  • Any of the assets in Knowledge Hub can be reused directly in Studio. When you're building applications and views - you can include an asset by referencing its ID.

Knowledge Hub is also the frontend for Celonis' Knowledge Layer, which together with the object-centric data model creates the Process Intelligence Graph - a digital twin of all your processes. The Process Intelligence Graph provides a common, data-driven language to drive process optimization for enterprises, and acts as a platform for users, analytics, and AI applications. Find out more about Process Intelligence Graph in this blog post: Celonis Process Intelligence Graph provides a common language for enterprise process performance.


Requesting Knowledge Hub limited availability access

Knowledge Hub is currently offered in limited availability mode only, meaning that you must request access to it for your Celonis Platform team. To try out the feature, you'll need a Celonis license that includes object-centric process mining. If you can't see the Data - Objects and Events option in your Celonis environment, your team doesn't have this feature enabled yet.

To request Knowledge Hub access, email:


During the limited availability period, the following restrictions apply:

  • Both the content and the features offered may change at short notice.

  • To take advantage of the Process Knowledge Layer, you need to create an object-centric data model for your team.

  • You can use the Knowledge Hub to create custom knowledge. Knowledge Hub also provides out of box knowledge for accounts payable to jumpstart your implementations.

Once Knowledge Hub is enabled for your team, see: Getting started with Knowledge Hub.