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Celonis Product Documentation

Set up Storage Manager

In the app, we use the Storage Bucket. Each team needs to create a bucket only once. Some of these steps can be completed by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to the respective URL:

  2. Create a bucket using the Create button (Name: “AR Collections”).


    SFTP is not required for AR.

  3. You need to give reference to the above bucket in the following views:

    1. Customer Details

    2. Invoice Details

    3. Dispute Details

    4. Add note


      The steps below are required when using an attachment or file upload component on the screen.

      Steps for storage bucket configuration in the view screen:

      1. Go to the Studio view.

      2. Open the Customer Details screen and click on the Edit button.

      3. Find the File Upload component.

      4. Go to the file upload properties.

      5. Select Storage Bucket ID and enter the Storage Path name.

      6. Click the Save button.


      Follow the same steps for the invoice details, add notes and dispute details view screen.