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Celonis Product Documentation

Frequently asked questions about the Collections Execution app

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

  1. Why should I convert the columns to a single currency in the data jobs, and then convert back in PQL to all other currencies?

    The currency conversion is set up this way because oftentimes the SAP system does not store the mappings between all possible currencies in the system. For example, there might not be a mapping between Indian Rupees (INR) and Swedish Krona (SEK), simply because there is never a need to switch to those currencies. By not storing this mapping, the SAP system can operate with less data tied up in currency conversion mappings.

    Because these mappings often do not exist between all local currencies, the MM connector first converts all currencies to a common currency that is mapped (eg. EUR, USD, GBP), and then allows you to convert back to other local currencies within the application. Essentially like a join n:1:n, OR local currency 1: common currency: local currency 2.