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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Pool Parameters

After installing the Connector, check if any changes are required in the data pool parameters. Below are the data pool parameters available in the out-of-the-box configuration:

  • currency = Target currency of the data pool (see the Currency Conversion Tables for more information). Default Value: EUR

  • availLanguageKeys = Supported language to use for the data fields, such as the document type. Default Value : E, D

  • exchangeRateType = Exchange rate type for the currency conversion (see the Currency Conversion Tables for more information). Default Value: M

  • fiscalYears = The minimum fiscal year to be extracted (important for the stock history table creation). This and all following years will be extracted. Usually this value is far enough in the past to include at least one full year of data that can be brought into the data pool. The format is integer. Default Value: 2000. This needs to be adjusted based on user preference.

  • primaryLanguageKey = The primary language to use in the data fields, such as, the payment terms description and activity names. Default Value: E

  • SAP_SOURCE_SYSTEM = Name of the SAP System. This is used to create a Unique Index for all tables in the Data Pool. Default Value: MAIN

  • startDate = First day of the extracted data in the format of a timestamp. Default Value: 01/01/2000 12:00:00. This needs to be updated based on user preference.