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Celonis Product Documentation

Dropdown options configuration

We have seen that every customer has a requirement to configure their own Dispute Types, Dispute Reason code and other dropdown values. You can manage the following dropdown options in the AR Collections Knowledge Model configuration. You are able to access or change the picklist config from following YAML path in the KM:

customObjects > avConfig > customAttributes > picklistConfig

  1. Dispute Type (DISPUTE_TYPE): Admin can select the type for a dispute from a list of values configured here.

  2. Dispute Reason Code (DISPUTE_REASON_CODE): Admin can select the reason for a dispute from a list of values configured here.

  3. Dispute Status (DISPUTE_STATUS): During the dispute workflow, it will move through the different statuses configured here.

  4. Snooze Reason (SNOOZE_REASON): Clerk is able to select the reason for a snooze from the list of configured options.

  5. Segment Name (SEGMENT_NAME): For treatment, we will group similar customers (based on Billing value and Payment Pattern) and give them a name called Customer Segment. If you want to add more segments they can be configured here.

  6. Treatment Name (TREATMENT_NAME): Admin can configure all treatments here which will be assigned to segments for performing dunning in Celonis.