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Celonis Product Documentation

Accounts Receivable Cash App

Celonis’ Cash Application app from Celonis improves the daily auto cash posting process, enabling cash applicators to make quicker decisions for unapplied cash. Some key features in the current Cash Application App are listed below.

Steering View: shows key statistics related to cash applications such as unapplied cash, manually cleared invoices, auto-cleared invoices, and % of auto-cleared by company code or document type.

Action View: Users will see the list of payments. The list of invoice(s) with unapplied cash will be displayed. The backend created these payments based on customer unapplied cash and open invoices. Users can validate the grouping and clear the unapplied cash and Invoices.

Executive View: It shows the key statistics related to cash application like total invoices, total invoices value, automation rate, unapplied cash, % cash automation rate by company code, average time to apply, and clear cash on account.

High level process

  1. Set up Connection to an SAP system from Celonis

    1. Set up extractor server

    2. Configure Connection

  2. Install the AR Collection Process connector

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Reuse your existing connection

    3. Update the Data Pool Parameters

    4. Execute the data extraction as full load (only required for the first time)

    5. Execute the full transformations (in the order that the connector provides)

  3. Install the AR Cash App

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Assign your created data model

    3. Assign your Plain Text Variables (AKA Run Time Variables)

  4. Use this guide to finalize setup

    1. Implement data model adjustments

    2. Validate the variables

    3. Implement customizations in Filters

    4. Implement customizations in Views