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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting Started with the Collections Execution App

Business Overview

Celonis’ Collections Management Execution app is a purpose-built application that optimizes and automates the collections process using a combination of processes and customer data. The goal is to make every customer interaction more valuable and help businesses to achieve their targets.

Some of the key features available in the current Accounts Receivable (AR) Collection app are listed below. For more details, please refer to the AR Core App Features document.

Collections Management

Steering View: Provides full visibility into the current accounts receivable state with key metrics, graphs, execution gaps and data tables grouped into four categories:

  1. AR Due

  2. Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)

  3. Amount Collected

  4. Risky Accounts

Action View: Shows a filterable list of customers and a table showing the key information associated with each customer, such as Open AR, AR due, and Aging buckets. Customers with the highest priority are displayed first. The data available in this view can be exported as a .csv file if needed.

Customer Detail View: Allows the user to get full visibility of the customer account in terms of contact details, transactions, collection activities, collection scorecard, and tasks. Users can send an email, take notes, or log a call and these actions are shown in the collection activities.

Transaction Detail View: Gives more details about the invoice (transaction) such as billing items, balance, dispute, and promise to pay details. Users can take action to record new invoice issues or set a promise to pay and add notes.

High Level Process
  1. Set up Connection to an SAP system from Celonis

    1. Set up extractor server

    2. Configure Connection

  2. Install the AR Collection Process connector

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Reuse your existing connection

    3. Update the Data Pool Parameters

    4. Execute the data extraction as full load (only required for the first time)

    5. Execute the full transformations (in the order that the connector provides)

  3. Install the Collections Management Execution App


    In order to successfully install the App ensure that all required features have been enabled in the backend: Features to activate for Execution Apps in Backend OR Appendix 1: Features, Profiles, Blocks and Widgets Required.

    1. Select the element in the Celonis Platform-Store

    2. Assign your created data model

    3. Assign your Plain Text Variables (AKA Run Time Variables)

  4. Use this guide to finalize setup

    1. Implement data model adjustments

    2. Validate the variables

    3. Implement customizations in Filters

    4. Implement customizations in Views