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Celonis Product Documentation

Blue Prism (Skills)

Celonis Process Automation integrates with Blue Prism and allows users to trigger software robots.

Skills Deprecation

From October 2, 2023, Skills with an equivalent Action Flow module won't be available in teams by default. They'll still work in your existing apps, you just can't use them in new ones. We encourage you to use Action Flows going forward. If you can't move to Action Flows right now, or there's a particular Skill that you rely on, contact the support team.

Blue Prism - Overview

Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation is software - a platform - that can be programmed to execute business tasks via a software robot, or Digital Worker, that can execute and initiate systems-based tasks like a human.

Celonis Process Automation enables users to directly trigger Blue Prism bots.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for Blue Prism:


To perform the action you will need to first supply a connection:

  • If a connection has previously been configured: You will be able to choose the available connection from the dropdown.

  • If a new connection should be added: Click on "Create connection". You will need to login with your Blue Prism username and password.

Trigger Bot
Action configuration
  1. Agent (required): Select the agent instance you would like to use to execute the action.

  2. Connection (required): Login with your Blue Prism username and password.

  3. Process Name (required): Name of the process to be triggered. Note: Please make sure to expose the process in Blue Prism.

  4. Variables (optional): Name and value of a variable to be passed to the Blue Prism process.