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Celonis Product Documentation

LeverX IPS (Skills)

LeverX offers development, implementation, and support of SAP solutions for your business.

Skills Deprecation

From October 2, 2023, Skills with an equivalent Action Flow module won't be available in teams by default. They'll still work in your existing apps, you just can't use them in new ones. We encourage you to use Action Flows going forward. If you can't move to Action Flows right now, or there's a particular Skill that you rely on, contact the support team.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for LeverX IPS:


Add a new connection by signing in with your credentials OR select "Set connection before execution" to allow users to sign in with their own credentials on the execution page.


LeverX IPS action needs the Celonis Agent for setting up the connection.

Before executing the action the Celonis Agent has to be configured. The application key and the configuration file are shown in the screenshots.

After configuration run the agent as usual. While the agent is on, add a new SAP connection on the Process Automation side. Because the agent is using the connection in a different way, even though you might have an already existing SAP connection, you will need to add new one while the agent is on.



 name: agent-007 #required; set to a prefered agent name
 port: 8090 #required; can be changed by admin. Outbound requests from this port need to be
#allowed by network settings on customer side
   app-key:  #required; IBC Admin must create the application key. Use this application key here.
   teamDomain: #required
   env:      #realm where the team is located; this can be eu-1, eu-2, us-1, us-2,...
   ashost: #application server host; e.g.
   sysnr:  #system or instance number; must be string; e.g. "00"
   client: #client; e.g. 800       
   lang:   #language
 cron: "*/3 * * * * *" #polling frequency
#Configure the URLs of the on-premise services below.
#If you would like to connect to additional services that are not yet outlined below please
 url: https://<some ip>
 url: https://<some ip>
 url: https://<some ip>
 url: http://<sap host>:<sap http port>/sap/bc/<leverx package>/api/v1

Create Ticket
  1. Connection (required): You need to define a connection

  2. Reason (required): Chose a reason from the drop-down and fill-in required fields