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Celonis Product Documentation

Microsoft Power Automate (Skills)


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With Microsoft Power Automate, customers can easily create workflows that automate actions in 3rd-party systems. With Celonis Process Automation, customers can easily leverage their existing Flows and RPA bots in Microsoft Power Automate.

Skills Deprecation

From October 2, 2023, Skills with an equivalent Action Flow module won't be available in teams by default. They'll still work in your existing apps, you just can't use them in new ones. We encourage you to use Action Flows going forward. If you can't move to Action Flows right now, or there's a particular Skill that you rely on, contact the support team.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for Microsoft Power Automate:

Trigger Workflow
  1. URL (required): URL to the Microsoft Power Automate Flow you would like to start. NOTE: It is important that your Microsoft Power Automate Flow starts with an HTML Request trigger. Copy the URL of the HTML Request trigger and paste it into the input field of the action in Celonis Process Automation:

  2. Custom Inputs (required): Define here the parameters that will be submitted to your Microsoft Power Automate Flow when it is triggered. Define the input name (key) as well as its value.