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Celonis Product Documentation

Oracle EBS (Skills)


  • Celonis Process Automation integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • Users are able to execute and automate service operations in Oracle EBS.

Oracle EBS - Overview

Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) Integrated SOA Gateway allows users to use PL/SQL APIs to insert or update data in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Celonis Process Automation integrates with Oracle EBS and enables users to execute service operations.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for Oracle EBS:


To perform the action you will need to first supply a connection:

  • If a connection has previously been configured: You will be able to choose the available connection from the dropdown.

  • If a new connection should be added: Click on "Create connection". You will need to login with your Oracle EBS username and password.

Execute Service Operation
Action configuration
  • Agent (required): Select the agent instance you would like to use to execute the action.

  1. Connection (required): Login with your Oracle EBS username and password.

  2. PL/SQL Service Alias (required): Define the service alias for your PL/SQL service. Note: The service has to be deployed (REST Service Status: Deployed).

  3. Service Operation (required): Select the service operation that should be executed.

System connection (Celonis Agent)
  1. System connection name (required)

  2. Host (required)

  3. Port (required)