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SOAP (Skills)


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Celonis Process Automation allows users to send a SOAP request.

Skills Deprecation

From October 2, 2023, Skills with an equivalent Action Flow module won't be available in teams by default. They'll still work in your existing apps, you just can't use them in new ones. We encourage you to use Action Flows going forward. If you can't move to Action Flows right now, or there's a particular Skill that you rely on, contact the support team.

SOAP - Overview

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol for web services.

Celonis Process Automation can send a request using SOAP.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for APPLICATION NAME:

Send Request
  1. SOAP Version (required): Select the SOAP version.

  2. Headers (optional): Define header information.

  3. URL (required): Define the URL of the webservice (SOAP endpoint).

  4. SOAP Body (required): Define the SOAP Body (XML format). Add only what goes inside SOAP body without <body></body>.

Set value before execution

Required inputs which are not defined in the Skill, will be shown as inputs on the execution page.