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Celonis Product Documentation


What is the Celonis Execution Management System?

Our new Celonis Execution Management System is built on top of our company’s market leading process mining core. The new Celonis system introduces a new set of applications, instruments, a development studio, and platform capabilities, all designed to help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, management, actions and automations.

Explainer Video

What is the Celonis Studio?

The new Celonis development studio allows ecosystem partners and customers to create Execution Instruments and Applications. Celonis also unveiled the first Execution Applications built by partners, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Value Mining by Camelot, Controls Excellence by Protiviti and Value Added Tax (VAT) Control by Zailution, which all can be found in the Celonis Marketplace (formerly AppStore).

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What are Celonis Execution Instruments?

Formerly known as process mining analytics applications (and Celonis analyses before that), Celonis has more than 170 instruments that enable process professionals to measure their current execution capacity and identify execution gaps.

Can I see the Accounts Payable Execution App in action?

Yes, you can find a demo video here:

Demo Video

You can also find a data sheet here:

Data Sheet - Accounts Payable Execution App

Does this solution work in real time?

Yes, it runs in real time. We understand how important it is that this type of software runs in real time so the latest invoices are pulled and actions are immediately reflected. Celonis has a real-time data connection for SAP today. Other Accounts-Payable-relevant source systems are on our roadmap.

Which data sources do we need for this to work, and which systems do we connect to out-of-the-box? Can we do read-write connections with any system?

Celonis can connect to any of your source systems with read-and-write capabilities to extract and work with the necessary data to run this solution. Out-of-the-box, we connect to SAP but during implementation, we can connect to any data source - SAP Ariba, OpenText, Excel - as needed.

Can I customize the calculations of the KPIs?

Yes. We know different customers calculate KPIs differently - the definition and calculation of each of these KPIs can be configured exactly as you need it. The KPIs we provide out-of-the-box come from our hundreds of customer implementations in Accounts Payable and leverage industry standards. Either our Celonis Process Mining Consultants or your analysts can set up this customization first at implementation and your analysts will be able to adjust these on an ongoing basis as needed.

In addition, you can add additional KPIs to this dashboard beyond the set that comes out of the box - meaning, you can create a new KPI and use that to steer the same way you see cash discount realization rate or paid on time rate in the demo.

Can I customize the workflows that come with the solution?

Yes. We have a recommended set of workflows that come with the solution out-of-the-box that were created based on hundreds of Accounts Payable deployments. That said, we know you might want to make specific adjustments to your workflows and you can customize these as needed.

Can I customize the routing of the invoices?

Yes. At deployment, we sit down with you to define which components you’d like different roles to see and to configure the core routings of how notifications go to different departments, roles, and vendors.

Does this replace the Action Engine?

Great question. Yes - for Accounts Payable, business users like managers and clerks would work in the Action Board rather than the Action Engine. The same Action Engine technology underpins what we see in the Action Board and the workflows operate similarly to the Action Engine skills. It’s just an evolution of the capability to make it even more user-friendly and operational.

What about my existing Action Engine skills and signals?

We want to make this transition as seamless as possible. During implementation, our team will sit down with you to transition those skills over so they live in the new solution and continue to help steer how your clerks handle invoices.

What about my existing analyses, KPIs, and customizations? Do I have to reconfigure any of these?

Your existing analyses, KPIs, and objectives can remain in place as they are today for your analyst / process excellence users. This application will be used by different users - clerks, managers, etc. - than those employees who use Celonis today. If you already use Celonis for Accounts Payable today, then the customizations for that existing data model remain in place for the implementation of the new application.

During implementation, we will work with you to replicate any customizations you’ve made to KPIs that you’d like to see reflected in the Execution Application.

Who does the configuration of the workflows and makes changes to the data model?

At implementation, our teams work with you to set up the initial configuration. Customers typically identify a few users who work “under the hood” of this application and can view and analyze the process using Celonis’ underlying process mining technology, update the data model as needed, and make adjustments to the workflows via Celonis’ process automation capabilities. These users typically take the Celonis training for analyst and data engineer certification so they are fully enabled to maintain and support ongoing configuration. As a reminder - this training does not require a machine learning or data science background.

Can I receive training for the Execution Apps?

Yes, we provide training for the Execution Apps as well as the App Creator training in our Celonis Academy. You can find the 'Execution Apps' training here under the Execution App tile and the App Creator training under the 'Training Tracks' tile.