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Celonis Product Documentation

Firestart (Skills)

Celonis Process Automation enables users to trigger Firestart workflows

Skills Deprecation

From October 2, 2023, Skills with an equivalent Action Flow module won't be available in teams by default. They'll still work in your existing apps, you just can't use them in new ones. We encourage you to use Action Flows going forward. If you can't move to Action Flows right now, or there's a particular Skill that you rely on, contact the support team.

Firestart - Overview

Firestart provides professional process planning, intelligent workflow automation, and profound process analytics in one unified tool.

Supported Actions

Celonis Process Automation currently supports the following actions for Firestart:


Firestart action needs the Celonis Agent for setting up the connection.

Execute Workflow

Setting up Celonis Agent for Firestart Connection

First need to create “Application Key”

  1. Click on profile icon

  2. Select “Admin and Settings”

  3. Select “Applications” on the left pane and click “New Application Key”, give any name

  4. Important:click “copy to clipboard” before closing this window

Now we can start to configure the “application.yml” file

  1. Open the ‘application.yml’ file with any editor (notepad or notepad++)

  2. “app-key”: paste the ‘Application Key’ you copied in the previous step

  3. “teamDomain”: copy your team name from you Celonis URL, and paste it here

    • e.g.

  4. “env”: again copy the environment keyword from your Celonis URL and paste it here

    • e.g.

  5. “Firestart-soap url”: copy your Firestart server URL including the port number

  6. Finally, click on ‘celonis-agent-win’ to start running the Celonis Agent

Configure the Firestart action

  1. Connection (required): Add a new connection by signing in with Firestart credentials OR select "Set connection before execution" to allow the user to sign in with their Firestart account on the execution page.

  2. Process ID or Element ID (required): paste the ‘Element ID” that you have copied while setting up Firestart starting node

  3. Inputs (key/value): further inputs can be added to pass as a parameter to the firestart Action