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About Insights

What is an Insight?

Say you’ve created an Exploration and something catches your eye. Maybe you notice some numbers that look a bit strange and you want to flag them for investigation. Or you see something interesting you’d like to discuss with your colleagues. That’s where Insights come in.About Explorations

An Insight is a snapshot of an Exploration that you can add your thoughts or observations to. You can share Insights with your colleagues quickly and easily while knowing that you're all working on exactly the same data.

And if you want to see the impact on your Insight if the data underlying the Exploration changes? That's easy too. A single click takes you back to the Exploration and updates your Insight with the latest data.

Creating an Insight

You can create an Insight by clicking to select the parts of the Exploration that interest you. You can call your Insight whatever you like and then start adding your observations. You can:About Explorations

  • Create Insights for any Explorations in your Process WorkspaceAbout Process Workspaces

  • Add to existing Insights if, for example, you want to track progress on a particular issue

  • Create a single Insight that includes information from multiple Explorations

Collaborating using Insights

The main purpose of Insights is collaboration. Anyone with access to a Process Workspace can view and add comments to any Insights within that Process Workspace. Insights let you discuss issues with your colleagues and dig deep into your data to resolve problems or discuss potential improvements to your processes. Insight statuses also help ensure you’re up to speed with any progress made.


When you share a Process Workspace or Insight, you're sharing everything in that Process Workspace too. Don't worry about permissions though. We take care of them behind the scenes to give you and your colleagues a seamless experience.About Process Workspaces

Insight notifications

If you share Insights with colleagues, tag them or reply to their comments, we’ll send an email to let them know. We'll also email them if the status of an Insight they've subscribed to changes.