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Celonis Product Documentation

Check process conformance

Once the target model has been created, use the Process Adherence Manager to compare your "to be" model with the "as-is" model to see where your existing process conforms to the target model and where it deviates. You will also be able to see how these deviations impact the performance of your processes and drill down into the causes of these deviations.

Explore deviations

Process Adherence Manager reviews what is happening differently in your "as-is" process than in the "to be" version. For each of these deviations, Process Adherence Manager allows you to analyze the impact, view the root causes, and see where the deviations are occurring directly within the process. These deviations are grouped into four categories:

Take action

Any user of a published Process Adherence Manager can copy the applied exploration filters (both the preconfigured filters and those applied by the user) to a View in Studio. The filters can be copied to any View in the same package.

Using the View in Studio, you can address the factors causing the deviations and take action directly within the View.


This option is available when only exploration filters have been applied and is not available if any deviation filters have been applied.