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Create your target model

In Process Adherence Manager you can define the target process model without having to start from scratch. During this process, Process Adherence Manager provides an initial selection of object types and event types as well as a selection of variants to create an initial baseline model. This baseline model is then updated and refined to create the "to be" or Target Model.

  1. Create the Process Adherence Manager

    1. Enter a name and select a data model variable

    2. Select a standard process type or add a custom type

  2. Data selection

    1. Check the recommended object types and event types for the selected process type

    2. Add additional object types or remove any of the default selections

    3. Change the Lead Object, if necessary. Based on the lead object type, all selected object types are collected to create a joint event log from which variants are calculated.

    4. Add additional event types from your Process Adherence Manager analysis or remove any currently selected events

  3. Refine the scope of the data

    1. Since you want to mine a complete process model (such as from the creation of a Sales Order until that order is delivered and paid for), it is recommended that you filter for complete cases only by selecting specific valid start and end events for each relevant object type.


      You do not have to create filters for each object type and any filters you create can be modified or removed at any time.

      If you want to create a specific model such as for a particular region, product, etc., then you can filter further using those object properties.

  4. Review the baseline model and select “good” variants

    1. View a list of variants within your process model, with the five most commonly occurring variants selected by default

    2. Search for specific variants you consider to be "good" or that conform. For example, variants with events following a specific order or events that include a specific event.

    3. Hover over a variant to see a preview

    4. Add "good" variants to the baseline model to get closer to your target model

  5. Review and refine the model to create your Target Model. Make changes to your model such as:

    1. Delete events

    2. Delete edges between two gateways (bypasses, self loops and back loops)

    3. Add an event to an edge in the process model