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Cloning Make scenarios in OE digital processes

You can clone a scenario prepared in Make to use it in your Orchestration Engine digital process. Go to the Make application and choose the Clone action for the selected scenario. You can copy all types of scenarios, either the ones that are used as triggers or ones that are prepared for the other process steps.

When you clone a scenario in Make, a Clone pop-up window appears where you should specify the name for the scenario's copy and select, or create, a new webhook to trigger the copy of the scenario.

Each Make scenario that’s invoked by Orchestration Engine starts with a cloud event that is set as a trigger. This requires a unique webhook so the digital process engine routes the request to the correct scenario. When you add the scenario to the digital process, it sends requests to this webhook and not to the one of the original cloned scenario. This way the new cloned scenario is invoked.

To learn more, see Make's Scenario details documentation.