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Celonis Product Documentation

End-To-End Lead Times App (object-centric)

The End-To-End Lead Times app lets you explore and understand the lead times that your business needs to procure, manufacture and distribute goods. The app can track the movement and location of components through each process required to create a finished good, and show you every path that is required to sell the finished good. This insight helps you to accelerate cash conversion and meet service levels.

This is an object-centric app - it works with objects and events created for object-centric process mining. It requires the Inventory Management perspective that’s supplied with our object-centric data model. To learn how object-centric process mining works, see Object-centric process mining overview.


With the End-To-End Lead Times app, you can:

  • See the entire lead time for each of your finished goods.

  • See the impact of each process in the supply chain on the end to end lead time.

  • Identify the most critical path that is extending your lead times, so you can target improvements to it.

  • Find the individual processes that are causing bottlenecks and identify their potential root causes.

  • Get recommendations for corrective actions, such as correcting your planned lead times or changing safety stock levels based on actual lead times.

  • Drill down to understand the lead time for specific materials and the upstream supply network that is required to produce them.

  • Surface inefficiencies such as excess stock for a particular material and deviation between actual and planned lead times.

  • Analyze your performance against KPIs such as material availability, late sales order value, days in inventory, stock transfer time, and late replenishment.

Installing the End-To-End Lead Times app tells you how to download and install the app, and what its requirements are.

Editing variables for the End-To-End Lead Times app and Editing views for the End-To-End Lead Times app tell you how to customize the app's settings and views if you need to.

Using the End-To-End Lead Times app has tips to access and use the app's views.


Check out the Celonis Academy course End-To-End Lead Times App for a visual tour of the app.