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Configuring a connection between Orchestration Engine and Make

Make modules are components that are used for creating scenarios in Make.

To learn more about the way they work, see Types of Modules.

The connection between Orchestration Engine and the modules in Make is normally created automatically. However, if you add the module in Make when creating a scenario, and the connection is not established, you can configure it manually.

To configure the connection manually:

  1. Add an Orchestration module in Make, for example a Completion Event. An Orchestration window pops up, where you can check all the module’s details, and enter the required data.

  2. To open the connection configuration, choose ADD in the connections section. You'll see the Create a connection window.

  3. Enter the Event Source ID and the related Secret.

    You can copy and paste the ID and the secret from the Management Dashboard.

    To find the Event Source ID and the Secret, go to Orchestration Engine –> AdminSettings.

  4. Choose the environment with which you want to establish the connection.

  5. Enter the Client ID and the client Secret. You can copy and paste the ID and the secret from Emporix Developer Portal.

    To find the Client ID and the Secret, go to Developer Portal > API Keys.

  6. Choose SAVE to create the connection.