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Process Analytics

Workspaces Overview

  • Workspaces organize your Analyses.

  • A Workspace needs to be connected to (only) one Data Model, on which all enclosed Analyses will work on.


You could use a Workspace to, for example, keep all your "P2P - Productivity" analyses in one place and put all your "P2P - Rework" analyses in another Workspace.


View your Data Model for each Workspace

  • As each Workspace can only be connected to one Data Model, you find the Data Model in the three dots next to the Data Model Name. If you have sufficient permissions, you can also directly jump into the edit view of the Data Model.

  • In this view, you can also Switch Data Model. This will let the enclosed Analyses use another Data Model for their calculations.

Display multiple Workspaces at once

  • You can use Shift + click to select multiple Workspaces on the left "Workspaces" panel.

Filter on Tags

  • You can filter your Analyses by Tags.

  • To add a Tag, click the three vertical dots on an Analysis Tile. This also works for Data Pools.

Group by Tags

  • You can also group your Analyses by Tags. Every unique combination of Tags will be grouped together.

Link to a specific Workspace

You can still link to a specific workspace view, even though you don't have to leave a page: you can add "?workspaces=[workspaceIDs separated by a comma]" to the Process Analytics URL. Simply copy your URL when you selected one or multiple workspaces on the left.

Example: https://[your-team-name]

Error Messages

This error message is shown if the linked Data Model (using the Data Model ID) can not be found in your Data Integration Data Pools. The most common reason is that the Data Model is deleted.

The specific Analysis has never been published. There might be unsaved drafts but the Analysis cannot be opened by a user without edit rights as there is no published content to display. This message will not be shown after the Analysis has been published once.