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Data Explorer

Data Explorer is an asset in Studio. It enables users to quickly aggregate, drill down into subsets and look at their data

If you’re a Data Engineer, Data Explorer allows you to validate data in a Data Model and run a quality check on it before you pass it on to your Data Analyst.

If you’re a Data Analyst, Date Explorer can help you get a thorough understanding of your data before you start building automations and dashboards.


Data Explorer is available only for packages published within Studio.


To understand where the Data Explorer lives better, you need to understand the journey of our data from the moment it’s extracted from the source system to the moment when you can analyze it with the Data Explorer.

  1. After extracting our data from the source system, it’s stored in our SQL database where Data Engineers can run SQL queries to transform them.

  2. Data is loaded into our Process Data Engine and our users can use PQL to query their data.

  3. On top of our Process Data Engine we have a Knowledge Model, where we store our queries such as KPIs, Filters, Attributes etc.

  4. You can see your data in the Data Explorer.

What's in Data Explorer

Data Explorer consists of multiple components which will allow you to analyze and work with your data faster. Here’s an overview of all Data Explorer components.


Table component

Table components allow you to visualize selected columns as tables including the data profile of the column. You can select up to 20 columns to be displayed in your view including columns from tables that are related to a selected table.


Details component

Allows you to explore data in your columns one by one and get an overview of the respective values in the selected column.


Distribution component

Easily switch between your Date columns and drill down to the point of time of your interest by simply clicking on a given time period and the component will re-compute itself and zoom in on the selected period of time.


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