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Celonis Product Documentation

FAQs: General

How do I create an analysis from scratch?


You need analyst rights to use components or fullscreen components

  1. You need a working Process Data Model.

  2. Go to workspace overview in order and use Create Analysis in the Workspace analysis. Alternatively, you can use the Celonis marketplace to include ready-to-use analyses for common processes and improvement areas.

How can I make the most of Tags?

Tags help you to classify Tiles, for example, by:

  • Process : Purchase to Pay, Accounts Receivable, Production...

  • Source system : SAP ECC, Salesforce...

  • Organization Part: Team A, Team B...

If you click the tag, you will only see the Tile with this tag; this helps you easily find the Tile you are looking for.

How do I delete a tag?

Remove the tag from the tiles where it is used.

Analysis ID and changes when moving or duplicating analyzes


Very large integers (>2^53) are not supported in Process Analytics.