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Celonis Product Documentation

Configuration areas for Orchestration Engine

The configuration areas for Orchestration Engine are:

  • Access management. Allowlisting the connection to and from Make from your internal IT system firewalls.

  • Cloud events. Orchestration Engine uses the Cloud Event specification when responding to, or sending out, events. Orchestration Engine uses this to receive information about an event from the related endpoint that is responsible for passing the event information.

  • Event authentication and configuration. Orchestration Engine uses CloudEvents specifically with HTTP Protocol Binding and Binary Content Mode, where currently we support aplication/json only as a content-type for the data payload.

  • Event type compatibility with Make. If you use dots in event names, for example cxpb.tenant.created, you need to correctly reference such event types to ensure seamless integration between Orchestration Engine and Make or other third-party platforms.

  • Execution context. The execution context is an important part of the Orchestration Engine system as it holds all the external information regarding the execution of a specific digital process version.