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Celonis Product Documentation

Display mode for Views

The display mode temporarily removes all navigation elements and surrounding browser elements to allow you to fully focus on the View. We recommend using this feature when displaying Views on monitors over a longer period of time, for example, on the shopfloor.


When in display mode, the View stays fully operational when and it gets updated based on data model reloads (when liveView and autoReload set to true) all modals and overlays can be opened in display mode and are full screen as well.

The View reloads automatically before the idle timeout, which period of inactivity after which a user is asked to authenticate again. The maximum idle timeout is one day. Even though the View is not touched, the user is not automatically logged out when in display mode.

However, the user is still logged out when the forced timeout limit is reached. Forced timeout is the time after which your users will be forced to login again. The forced timeout is set by default to seven days. The session timeout settings are defined by Team admins.


When using Safari, the browser bar can't be removed when entering the display mode. We recommend using another browser such as Google Chrome.

To enter the display mode:

  1. Click View settings (cogwheel).

  2. Click Display mode.

To leave the display mode:

  1. Click View settings (cogwheel).

  2. Leave display mode