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Network Explorer

Network Explorer is a powerful visualization method to examine how objects are related across your business. Choose different dimensions to explore your object-to-object relationships by country, plant, material, distribution, or any other arbitrary dimension, and choose the KPI to display for each object. Network Explorer provides the visualization for the End-To-End Lead Times App for object-centric process mining, and supports advanced use cases such as material margins or carbon footprint calculations.

This new version of Network Explorer has been redesigned to offer dimension selection and drill-down capabilities for nodes. Network Explorer was formerly known as Network Explorer (Object Link) or Object Link Explorer.

You can now use it for scenarios where Object Link technology is available for the data model. The latest release unlocks some useful extra filtering options.

This section explains how to set up Network Explorer and how to use it. It also shows how advanced users can extend the functionality to provide business users with additional features.