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Celonis Product Documentation

Firewall allowlisting

If you are experiencing any access issues when using Orchestration Engine, make sure your network is not blocking HTTP traffic to the following Celonis, Make, and Emporix domains and subdomains.

  • Celonis:

  • Emporix Make Environment:

  • Make:

  • Integromat: - additional access is needed for any Make Apps using OIDC Authorization Protocol

To allowlist the connection to and from Make from your internal IT system firewalls, use also these IP addresses:

  • Outgoing = and,

  • Incoming = and

  • Emporix API:

  • Emporix Developer Portal:

  • Emporix Management Dashboard:

  • Emporix Forms UI:

  • Emporix SSO:

  • Emporix Inbound Webhooks:

  • Emporix Outbound Events: - required for DCP customers only

  • Emporix Corporate Website: