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Advanced: Forward filter through the URL (e.g. from an Analysis)

You can open a view with a specific set of selections by adding the encoded filter string in the URL.

We will show this functionality at the example of creating a dynamic link in analysis and opening a board with the temporary selections.


Add a Button in an Analysis and set it to "open external Link"

For the URL use the URL of the view you want to open and add ?filters=<%=$CEL_ACTIVE_FILTERS% > at the end. This will use all Selections, but not analysis, sheet or component filters.


Following this link will now open the view with all current selections. If the user had custom user-based filters (so not filters set in the YAML configuration) those will be deleted before opening the view.


If you want to use this functionality somewhere else, the added string is simply the filter statement (FILTER "table"."column" = 'string') BASE64 encoded.

Tip: Use this encoder to encode your filter


Gif explaining the workflow



As the input for the filter is derived from the base64 encoded filter in the link, the filters are static and it is not possible for the user to update the filters or get dynamic input from the user to update the filters.

Using a "." in the filter statement string currently creates an issue in the decoding and leads to a filter statement in Chinese characters.