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Celonis Product Documentation

Edit a View

Go into the View Edit mode(s)

There are two ways to edit a View.

  1. Full YAML Editor.

  2. Component Editors.


The best place to edit your views is the Full YAML Editor:

Using links in the YAML Editor

The YAML Editor to edit Views now allows you to quickly move around content and get the information you need.

Knowledge Models:

When hovering over a Knowledge Model Key or Knowledge Model Object (e.g. KPI), you can:

  • follow the link (cmd+click) and open the Knowledge Model

  • get a glimpse of its definition (cmd + option + click)


When holding cmd and option while clicking the underlined knowledgeModelKey Value, a scrollable window with the definition appears.

Component Ids:

When holding CMD and clicking on the value of the componentId, you can jump directly to the component definition.