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Refine the data scope

This is an optional step to limit the scope of the data to only use processes meeting specific criteria. This is especially useful if you want to create a model based only on complete cases as is recommended. You can use these filters to define a complete process, such as from the creation of a Sales Order until that order is delivered and paid for, by selecting valid start and end events for each relevant object type.

These filters can also be used to focus on a specific product, area of interest, or time frame. You do not have to create filters for each object type and any filters you do create can be modified or removed at any time.


Any filters you apply will still be applied in the final Target Model, but can be removed or edited from the filters panel.

  • To only include complete cases: For any object type you want to filter, click on Set start/end date to select the start event and/or end event to use for that object type. Only processes that begin with the specified "Start from event" and finish with the specified "End at event" are included in the model. Since the filter excludes any processes that have not reached the end event, processes that are still ongoing will not be included.

  • If you want to create your target model based on a process for a specific plant, you can filter on the corresponding object’s property by clicking on the Add filter button. Then select the object and then choose the appropriate filter parameter.


Any filters applied in this step can also be applied on the actual process data, when you are exploring how the actual process behavior deviates from the model you create.


Click Next when finished to begin mining your model.