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Data Models

New data integration content available

You're currently viewing a data integration topic that has been replaced and will eventually be removed from our documentation.

For the latest data integration content, see: Data Integration.

In the Data Model section you can set up one or multiple process data models. These can be used by other applications like Process Analytics or Action Engine.

Actions on a Data Model
  1. Create a New Data Model.

  2. Open the Data Model by clicking on one of the lines.

  3. The status of the most recent Data Model Load.

  4. The number of rows loaded in the most recent Data Model Load.

  5. The creator of the Data Model.

  6. The Last Execution Date of the Data Model.

  7. An indicator whether there are Data Permissions configured on the Data Model.

  8. An indicator whether the Data Model is a Multi-Event Log Data Model.

  9. The number of Event Logs per Data Model is displayed to give you a better overview.

  10. Actions an a Data Model:

    1. Rename: Changes the name of the Data Model.

    2. Usage Permissions: Defines who can use the Data Model in other applications.

    3. Data Permissions: Defines what data users are able to see when using the Data Model.

    4. Duplicate: Duplicates the Data Model with all its settings.

    5. Subscribe/Unsubscribe: Subscribes you to the status updates of the Data Model (you will receive an email for every failed load and the first successful one).

    6. Delete: Deletes the Data Model.