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How can I verify that data was successfully pushed?

New data integration content available

You're currently viewing a data integration topic that has been replaced and will eventually be removed from our documentation.

For the latest data integration content, see: Data Integration.

There are multiple steps for which you can verify that the push was successful:

  1. Successful push Job creation: Make sure that you receive a 200 response. Also verify that all returned configuration response contains all the desired fields.

  2. Successful push chunk call: Make sure that you receive a 200 response when pushing a parquet or CSV file.

  3. Successful push job submission: Make sure that you receive a 200 response when submitting the Push Job.

  4. Successful push job execution: Use the list jobs endpoint to check the status of all Push Jobs in the Data Pool. If the status is DONE the push job was successfully executed.

  5. To verify the end result, you can open a Transformation in a Data Job of the respective Data Pool and Data Connection and display the data using SELECT * FROM table_name