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One Time Extraction from SAP ECC and S/4

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You're currently viewing a data integration topic that has been replaced and will eventually be removed from our documentation.

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The recommended data integration option between the on-premise SAP system and Celonis Platform is the continuous connection. It allows to replicate the data in real-time from any whitelisted table in SAP, and ensures a constant flow of data for operational use cases. However, if the continuous connection is not feasible, there is the alternative of the one-time Extraction. It is not recommended though, because usually it takes more time and resources on both sides. It should be considered only if the continuous connection is absolutely not feasible.

To facilitate the one-time Extraction process, Celonis provides tools to export and upload the data from SAP. While theoretically, users can leverage native SAP tools to export the data, i.e. the transaction code SE16, in practice these tools are not performant enough for big data use cases. To address this gap, Celonis has developed an ABAP Report which is a GUI program that is run directly in SAP and can export big data from it. The report is generated dynamically based on the user-defined data scope and gets executed in SAP by the customer's Basis team. This produces CSV files, which should be uploaded into the Celonis Platform via the ABAP Output Uploader, another Celonis tool.

The table below explains the e2e process, and which user is responsible for the respective step.

Celonis User



Downloads the process connector template from the Celonis Marketplace


Defines the data scope in the one time ABAP Extraction Data Job


Generates the ABAP Report based on the data scope defined in step 2


Sends the ABAP Report to the customer's BASIS team


Executes the report in SAP


Uploads the files to Celonis Platform via the Celonis Platform ABAP Uploader or an SFTP client


Imports the uploaded files into Celonis cloud database via the File Uploader tool.