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New data integration content available

You're currently viewing a data integration topic that has been replaced and will eventually be removed from our documentation.

For the latest data integration content, see: Data Integration.

Sample Use Cases

Hire-to-Retire is a key principle in Human Resource that takes the entire lifecycle of an employee into account – from the employee being hired until they leave the organization. Correspondingly, the Hire-to-Retire process is a HR process that covers all activities and contextual information across an employee's career within a company.

Current use cases incl.:

  • Hire and retain talent

    • Sense what drives the quality of hires, employee satisfaction and tenure in your company to trigger best practices

    • Identify and remove root causes for negative attrition to improve HR effectivity

  • Optimize employee development

    • Uncover and execute on development measures that have the strongest positive impact on productivity rates

  • Eliminate silos in your HR organization

    • Identify friction in (cross-departmental) processes and eliminate it through automation to gain efficiency and reduce cost

    • Uncover early indicators for non-compliance to counteract them immediately

  • Shape strategic workforce plans

    • Understand the strategic contribution of your workforce structure and diversity to business success to take focused action

Extraction Tables
  • formerWorkers (+ nested objects)

  • jobCategories (+ nested objects)

  • jobProfiles (+ nested objects)

  • locations (+ nested objects)

  • organizations (+ nested objects)

  • supervisoryOrganizationAssignmentRestrictions (+ nested objects)

  • workers (+ nested objects)