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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Connections

Creating data connection enables you to connect to a specific source system and to extract data from it.

Available data connection types

The following data connection types are available:

    Creating a new Data Connection
    1. By clicking on "new data connection" you will be presented with a list of all available connection types that are available. After you have chosen a type you will be presented with the configuration form. The necessary information and other requirements are documented for the respective connectors. Note: Data connection names have to be unique within a data pool.

    2. The table shows both the name of the data connection as well as the connection type.

    3. By clicking either on the row of the data connection or on "edit" in the context menu, the configuration form will be opened where you can apply changes.

    4. Duplicating a data connection duplicates all the contained information of the configuration form. Only the name is changed since it has to be unique.

    5. You can test the connection to verify that the configuration is correct and that the system is running.Please refer to the connection tests section below.

    6. Deleting the data connections deletes not only the configuration, but also all contained jobs and tasks as well as all the data within that data connection (both extracted and transformed). If the data is still required, but the data connection should be removed you need to copy the data first to the global pool schema in a global transformation.

    Connection tests

    There are two types of connection tests:

    • Full: A full test covers the end-to-end-scenario. Please refer to the connection-specific documentation to see what this includes per connector.

    • Simple: The simple test only tests whether the data connection is reachable.

    The full test is used when creating or changing a data connection and when performing a manual connection test through the context menu of the connection. Since the full test can take several seconds it would take too much time to perform it for every data job execution. So in these cases the simple test is employed.

    NoData Connection available for my source System

    If there is no extractor available for your source system, please send an email to service desk with the info which extractor is missing.

    It could either be the case that the extractor is just not enabled for your team or we have not one in place yet.

    In the second case, we are always open for cooperation projects to built up a new extractor to a source system we are not supporting yet.

    To start such a project please provide the following information:

    • Urgency of availability

    • Name of Source System (version)

    • Can you provide us with a test instance, if yes, what are the credentials?

    • Which process would you like to analyze?