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Data Connections

Creating a Data Connection enables you to connect to a specific source system and extract data from it into the EMS.

Creating a new Data Connection


By clicking either on the row of the Data Connection or on "Edit" in the context menu, the configuration form will be opened

  1. By clicking on "+ Add a Data Connection" you will be presented with a list of all available options. You can define whether you want to connect to a Data Source, Upload a file, import a Data Connection from another Data Pool or use the Data Push API. When selecting "Connect to Data Source", you can select which source system you want to connect to. After you have chosen a type you will be presented with the configuration form. The necessary information and other requirements are documented for the respective connectors. Note: Data Connection names have to be unique within a Data Pool

  2. The table shows both the name of the Data Connection as well as the connection type (cloud vs. on-premise).

  3. You can see the type of Data Connection

  4. Indicates the status of the Data Connection

  5. The related Data Pools column indicates whether a Data Connection has been shared with another Data Pool

  6. Indicates the user that created the Data Connection. In case there are modifications made and the Data Connection is saved again, this value will be overwritten.

  7. Clicking on the three-dot menu provides you with further options such as duplication a Data Connection, testing it, or sharing it with other Data Pools. Deleting the Data Connections deletes the configuration, as well as all related Data Jobs, Tasks as well as all the data that has been extracted from this Data Connection (both extracted and transformed)

What should I do in case there is no Extractor available for my source system?

If there is no Extractor available for your source system, please send an email to service desk with the info about which Extractor is missing.

It could either be the case that the Extractor is not yet enabled for your team or we do not have one in place yet.

In the second scenario, we are open for cooperation projects to build up a new Extractor to a source system we are not yet supporting.