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Coupa Connection


  • What happens if source system columns are changed?There is a new extraction option to ignore metadata changes. Selecting it, new columns will be added to the extraction and deleted columns will be filled with null values. The extraction will not fail.

  • How does Celonis ensure that extractions do not have a negative impact on the productive Coupa system performance?Celonis extractions are bound to Coupa request/pagination limits which allow for extracting maximally 50 records per request.

  • How is Coupa data secured during extraction?Firstly, Celonis performs read-only operations on your Coupa data (updates, deletions, etc. are not performed). Secondly, data transfer from Coupa to Celonis is secured through HTTPS, ensuring an encrypted information exchange.

  • How does Celonis protect stored Coupa API keys?

    Stored passwords are encrypted in the App DB.

  • How can I make sure that my nested tables are processed correctly when executing a Full Load?

    In the Extraction Settings, there is an option called "Delta load as replace merge". When activated, the records of nested tables which are not relevant anymore to the parent table get replaced with the last data (when using delta loads).

About Coupa

Coupa is a cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) platform with functionalities ranging from procurement over invoice automation and compliance to expense management for employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.