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Celonis Product Documentation

How to Set up the Data Connection, Coupa

Steps to set up a Coupa data connection

Step 1: Authentication

Our Coupa Extractor allows authentication methods between which you can use: API Key and OAuth

Option 1: OAuth

  1. Go to the Coupa OAuth page: https://<yourinstance>

  2. Click Create.

  3. As a grant type, select Client Credentials.

  4. Set the desired OIDC scopes and save

    You can retrieve the client ID, client secret and OIDC scope


Option 2: Configure an API Key (Note: API Key Authentication is being deprecated by Coupa)

API Keys can be created in the API Keys section of the Administration tab by an admin user. A unique API key that is generated in Coupa authenticates the requests. The settings can be reached via “Setup” > “Company Setup” > “API Keys”. When creating or editing an API key, the following has to be specified:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Contact First Name

  • Contact Last name

  • Contact Login - mandatory, has to be unique

  • Contact Email - mandatory, has to be unique

  • Optional: Expiry Date - when the API Key expires

  • Optional: Enable permissions (gives the admin user control over all APIs in Coupa. When leaving this field blank, it enables every user to access the APIs. (Link)).

  • Enable IP allowlisting. See Step 2.

  • Revoke API Key - only available when editing, revoke access ad permissions

  • Regenerate API Key - only available when editing



Step 2: Allowlist EMS IP addresses


Follow this step only if your system is IP-blocked.

If your system is only reachable within a certain IP range, you need to allowlist the outbound IPs of the EMS, otherwise data cannot be extracted. The IPs of the EMS are different depending on the cluster (eu-1 or us-1). For more information, see Allowlisting Celonis IP addresses.

Step 3: Create a Data Connection in a Data Pool
  1. Enter the name of the new Coupa Data Connection.

  2. Choose between Direct or Uplinked. Direct for extracting data from cloud platforms and Uplinked for local systems that run within your organization (on-premises).

  3. Enter the tenant or host of your Coupa connection

  4. Enter the API Key or the OAuth credentials created in Step 1

  5. Choose the API Version (ideally the latest version should be selected)