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Custom Connection, Python Extractor (Celoxtractor)

GitHub Documentation

Please refer to the Celoxtractor GitHub documentation for further details and best practices.

About Python Extractor (Celoxtractor)

The Python Extractor framework lets you develop your own Celonis EMS Extractor easily. Leveraging Celonis' dedicated Celoxtractor Python library, you can connect your Celonis team to source systems in addition to those which are already supported by Celonis’ many out-of-the-box Extractors. Among others aspects, a custom connection built using Celoxtractor will allow you for

  • complete data control: Python Extractors are running on your server with Celonis uplink technology. You have complete control over your data.

  • secured credentials and easy updates: you can flexibly define parameters that will be passed to your Python Extractor. No credentials will be stored in the script itself.

  • extensive functionality: you benefit from all EMS extraction capabilities, such as column selection, primary key override, pseudonymization or filtering.

  • full flexibility: Celoxtractor lets you add more and more data from your data source as you go. Also, you can set up delta loads by leveraging dynamic variables in your filters