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Celonis Product Documentation

Delta Extractions
Delta Filter With Dynamic Parameters

Delta filters are used to define which entries in the table are loaded in the delta load. Best practice is to use dynamic parameters with the operation type FIND_MAX for delta filters as they indicate the maximum value of a defined column. If the indicated table does not exist in the Celonis Platform or is empty, the DEFINED VALUE is utilized. If this VALUE does not exist, the DEFAULT VALUE is utilized.


The column's MAX(Value) is always prioritized.

Primary Keys

Tables extracted via delta load require defined primary keys in the source system. The primary keys are used to merge the existing table and the newly extracted delta table. If there is no primary key for a table, all data extracted within a delta load will be appended to the existing table resulting in duplicates.

In general, systems like SAP or Oracle have pre-configured primary keys. That might not be the case if you extract from a MSSQL or HANA database.

Example: Configuring a Primary Key in the Celonis Platform If It Is Not Defined in Any Table