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Celonis Product Documentation

Jira Connection

To set up a JIRA data connection:

Step 1: Choose your Connection Type

Jira allows two different types of connection: Cloud or Server.

In case you want to connect to your Jira Cloud instance, you need to generate an API token with sufficient rights from your Atlassian account:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Create API token.

  3. From the dialog that appears, enter a memorable and concise Label for your token and click Create.

  4. Click Copy to clipboard, then paste the token to your script, or elsewhere to save:

Step 2: Only if your system is IP-blocked: Whitelist the IPs of the EMS

If your system is only reachable within a certain IP range, you need to whitelist the outbound IPs of the EMS, otherwise data cannot be extracted. The IPs of the EMS are different depending on the cluster (eu-1 or us-1). For more information, see Allowlisting Celonis IP addresses.

Step 3: Create a Data Connection in a Data Pool
  1. Enter the name of the new Jira Data Connection.

  2. Choose between Direct or Uplinked. Direct for extracting data from cloud platforms and Uplinked for local systems that run within your organization (on-premises). In case you choose Uplinked, select the uplink connection you've configured.

  3. Enter the url of your Jira Instance.

  4. Enter your username. This username is your Jira Login E-mail address.

  5. In case you chose Direct as connection type, enter the API token you have created (see Step 1) and in case you chose Uplinked, enter your Jira password.

  6. The maximum number of parallel extractions that the data connection allows.

Data Extraction
Data Access

The Celonis Extractor performs read-only operations on your Jira data. No writing changes (like updates, deletions) will be performed at any time during the extraction process.


Transfer of the data from the Jira system to the target system is secured through HTTPS, which allows for an encrypted exchange of information.

Used API

The Celonis Cloud Extractor uses the REST API of Jira (Link).