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Celonis Product Documentation


There are some technical and commercial issues to keep in mind.

Technical requirements
  • Celonis Starter Kits for processes in EMS

    • For example: Order Management Starter Kit for the Celonis Apps for Power BI in Order Management

  • Celonis EMS Team environment with:

    • A Data Model that's been loaded into EMS, ready to use.

    • Access to Studio so you can create Knowledge Models.

  • Power BI Desktop (January 2021 or later)

    • Recommended: Download from the Microsoft Store on your Windows machine. Monthly updates are installed automatically.

    • Alternative: Download from the Microsoft website.

  • Celonis EMS connector for Power BI

  • Admin rights on the local machine that's running Power BI Desktop

Commercial requirements
  • Celonis EMS License.

  • Celonis EMS Power BI Connector License.

  • Information: Microsoft Power BI License

    A Microsoft Power BI license is not required to use the connector, as Power BI Desktop and Service is currently free of charge. However, we recommend a Power BI Pro license to use the full power of Power BI. More on the Power BI pricing and licensing can be found here.