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Digital process errors

Here are some errors that you might encounter.

Make scenario is not visible in Orchestration Engine

If a scenario that you prepared in Make is not visible in the list of scenarios available for your digital process in Orchestration Engine, check if you have the following settings done:

Currently Orchestration Engine doesn't support scenarios without the Completion Event module. If you don't have the module for the scenarios used as mid triggers or process steps, Orchestration Engine filters them out and they are not available for you to use.

Invalid digital process

If you created a new digital process but the validation shows that it is invalid:

  • Check for proper configuration and reference to Make scenarios.

  • Examine the JSON document for syntax errors.

Errors in referencing to Make scenarios

It's possible that you have a reference to a Make scenario that was either deleted or modified.

Reference to a deleted Make scenario

Check if your digital process does not reference a scenario that had been deleted. If it does, you should see a red error with a 'Scenario deleted' notification message at the location (digital process step) where the scenario was used.

To resolve this error, remove the reference to the deleted scenario from your digital process step.

Reference to a modified Make scenario

If a Make scenario was modified, it may no longer meet the requirements of its intended context. In such a situation, the Orchestration Engine UI doesn't show it in the list scenarios available for your digital process. You're not able to use the scenario in your process steps.

This occurs when:

  • The scenario no longer sends output event information through the Start New Orchestration module.

  • The scenario no longer sends output event information through the Completion Event module.

  • The scenario no longer receives incoming calls through the Trigger Event Make module.

To resolve the errors, make sure the modified Make scenario meets the requirements of the intended context and check that all the input and output modules are configured properly, with the correct events set up.

JSON syntax

You design digital processes in the Orchestration Engine UI. It enforces the syntax so you would not normally expect errors. However, if it turns out that your digital process doesn't work, and you've checked all the Orchestration Engine and Make settings, you may need to review the JSON document to ensure it adheres to proper structure and formatting.

No email notifications received

If you don't receive email notifications, make sure you have the correct settings in your Make scenario to receive them, and that you haven't received any errors.

If everything looks correct but you still don't receive the emails, check your spam folder or contact your administrator to check that the messages are not blocked.