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Celonis Product Documentation

Data Job Log

The logs display all executions of the data job together with information on the status and the execution start time.

  1. To access the logs of a Data Job you need to click on the "Logs" tab within a Data Job.

  2. For every Data Job execution you see the starting date and time.

  3. If a Data Job is executed as part Schedule you will see the name of that schedule here. If a user executed the data job manually, "Manual Execution" will be shown here.

  4. The status of a Data Job can be one of the following:

    1. Successful: All tasks within the job have been successfully executed.

    2. Failed: At least one task has failed during the execution.

    3. Cancelled: The execution has been cancelled before it could finish.

    4. Running: The execution is currently running.

    5. Queued: The execution is currently running, but it is on hold.

    6. Skipped: The execution gets skipped as the Data Job is already running.

  5. By clicking on any row/any data job execution you enter the detailed logs.

Detailed logs